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Two Miracle Pregnancies!

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

These are real stories that are written by real mamas and shared on the Avas Things Blog!

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Tabbies Story

Hello Readers!

I am Tabytha-Zoey Luschwitz, aged 27. I have a beautiful 3-year-old boy name Tobias-Jamison and a newly born (7 weeks old) little girl Jupiter-rose. I am an early childhood educator, a loving mother, hilarious older sister, and a caring/supportive partner. My heritage is something I hold dearly to my heart. I proudly have Aboriginal and Polish blood in my background. I am so happy to share my birth story with you on the Avas Things Blog!

When I was 16, I was told by my doctor that I had cysts on my ovaries and was unable to have children! Heart-broken, I put the thought of having a baby into the back of my mind. So, you guessed it! Both of my pregnancies were not planned and were a beautiful surprise to our family. My firstborn Tobias was my miracle child (as we like to say) he is now 3 and full of life.

On the 25th of January 2021, I was booked in to have a new tattoo done. A couple of weeks prior to this appointment I felt off… I was having emotional mood swings (crying and feeling down) like most people do, I took a test! Low and behold it came back positive! At first, I was a little upset and shocked as I had waited almost 3 years to get my tattoo, but the universe had other plans! Very soon after this feeling I than became extremely excited- My son was now going to be a big brother and our family was growing with even more love. Tobias was going to be the older sibling to a little brother or sister, and I was so happy!

I waited all day until my partner came home from work to tell him in person, Ji responded to me by saying “I knew it!” he was over the moon! He must have worked out that I was pregnant by my mood swings! We decided to tell my sisters and parents next- my family was really excited for us. I decided to wait about 8 weeks to tell my workplace. I work in childcare with an amazing and supportive team! They were all so excited for my family to grow. I walked around the centre and went into each room with my son (Tobias attends the centre I work at). Tobias was the one that told the educators “Mummy has a baby in her belly” even though he didn’t quite understand what was going on it was the cutest thing ever!

Exciting times were ahead! I found myself not as stressed, I was more at ease with this being my second pregnancy and felt like I knew what I was in for. However, like they say every pregnancy is different and I can tell you it was very different!

The pregnancy with my son was difficult, I was sick every day, I left work at 26weeks with high blood pressure problems but this time with this pregnancy I was aiming to work all the way through-if I could. I still had morning sickness every day and had cravings for sweets and lemonade. I was working 5 days a week right up until 26 weeks pregnant, I then dropped down to 4 days a week until I finished up at 33 weeks!

In my second pregnancy I was unfortunately diagnosed with the diabetes, and I still had high blood pressure. This meant I had to watch what I was eating and how much. When you have cravings whilst pregnant its hard work to not give in but it’s even harder when you have gestationally diabetes.

A few more weeks had past, and I was preparing for my baby shower. I was so excited to be celebrating my second child’s birth with all my friends and family. I planned a baby sprinkle but because of Covid I had to cancel our plans due to lock down- I am sure there are a lot of mothers-to-be who experienced the same disappointment. I had the cupcake order for this day sent to my workplace instead as a thank you to all my work friends for supporting me! They had helped me and my unborn through the emotional rollercoaster I was on at work!

The pregnancy was going like a breeze but then when I was 33 weeks, I had to finish up working due to health problems. I was advised by my mid wife and the hospital to be on bed rest and that I would most likely be induced at 36 weeks which was only around the corner! However, things ended up changing again which is so common in “planning for your birth” can anyone really plan for this?! At my next appointment my midwife decided to push the inducement back to 38 weeks and then again to 40weeks- what a waiting game!

Monday the 27th of September 2021 ~

On the 27th of September at 6 am I rang the hospital for my induction, I was told to ring the hospital back every 2 hours until they could fit me in. This was a waiting process, but I was so excited because our daughter was going to be brought into the world today! At 4 o’clock I finally got the news that there was a spot for me, and we headed out to John Hunter hospital for my induction. Once I was at the hospital my midwife had to break my waters, after about 30 minutes I started having contractions. I opted to have the gas, but I waited until my contractions were heavy and strong enough to feel. My baby decided to turn and was pushing on my spine- the pain was unbearable, so I asked my midwife for an epidural to ease the pain. I was so exhausted, my doctor arrived in the birth suite and started putting the epidural into my spine. My midwife was so supportive, she said to me “you have 30 minutes and then she’s here!”. All I heard was “push”! so I pushed as hard as I could. This all happened while I was getting my epidural. The epidural hadn’t even kicked in to relieve any of the pain and I had already pushed out a baby! I laid back and looked at my partner and my midwife, I asked “Can I claim this as a normal birth?” The midwife responded, “yes and now you can relax while the epidural does its thing!”. Little Miss Jupiter-rose lay on my chest, I was exhausted, she was exhausted, and my partner stood there crying with happiness at the both of us. It was an emotional experience for me. The one thing I can say about going through labour is that it changes you. You become a completely different person as my partner would say “I turned into the she Wolf!”. When you experience holding your baby for the first time it is something that you will never forget.

Now fast forward 7 weeks, everyone has adapted to the new baby at home. Tobias has stepped up and is on big brother duties, he helps me whenever he can. He absolutely adores his baby sister; he gives her kisses whenever he gets the chance. Mummy and daddy are still adapting to sleep cycles again, which can be extremely challenging. Little Miss Jupiter is formula-fed and drinks like a champion! My hormones are still high and low, I do occasionally have mental break downs and can feel overwhelmed, but this is normal after having a baby. You took 9 months plus to grow another human so give your body time to adjust back to its normal self. I have decided to go back to work when Jupiter is 3 months old. I will be taking her to my workplace as this suits me and my family, I am so lucky that I can go to work and have both of my children with me every day!

Thanks for reading!

Tabby x

Disclaimer: This is not medical advice, seek professional legal and medical advice.

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